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Email and Orders are Welcome

Also we occasionally attend a new show and are gone as well as with
Shipping Days and Lumber buying days
we must travel 65 miles one way to buy supplies and ship.

All items are made one at a time and one day at a time in the order

You will receive an email with an approximate
shipping time when we return from being at our
This is not set in stone. We are people
and do have issues from time to time and sickness,
just like our customers. We do not have a shop of
employees that work for us.
Just the two of us and
for 28 years. That is why you get a unique one of a
kind hand painted, handmade product that is NOT
on every website. Most all sites have a 8-10 week
ship time, please allow us time to produce your
order and I am sure you will not be disappointed.
This could be up to several days if we are away
when you placed your order,that you hear from us.
Your receipt from paypal is your acknowledgement.

We also have many things come up in the month that might take us away
from our shop. Please be patient when we are at the office phone we do
take calls otherwise we could be in our studio or workshop working and
cannot answer your calls.

Thank you for your patience and do understand this is a family owned business and we are very busy trying to get each and every order built, painted and shipped as quickly as we can. So that you can get a quality one of a kind product that you will treasure for years to

You may still purchase on the site and when we return we
will acknowledge your purchase.
You will see an immediate email response stating the dates
we are gone until Please read this as it is only an auto
response so that you know why we are not mailing you
back until a certain date. It is NOT a blocked mail response.

When we are gone there are no mailings of merchandise. We
are all gone to do the shows. You will be emailed when your
item has been or getting ready to ship. Thank You for a Great

MOST all items will ship in up to 4 weeks,6-10 weeks in the Christmas
If the order is placed before the 6 weeks to last ship time. Please email first.
No matter the order. We have a high volume right now for orders and as you know
they are built,painted and assembled one day at a time one item at a time and in the
order they are received from Paypal.
We have no items in stock all are
CUSTOM Orders, and cannot be canceled or restocked. They
are made especially for you.
Please email if you need things sooner and we can let you know how we are shipping

You may purchase from our site while we are away. We will acknowledge when we

Just because we are gone does not mean the work stops. I take
many of my orders with me and paint while I am at the show. If I
didn't I would never ever get caught up. I have always found a little
room to work in while my husband does the shows.  I had someone
think that I should not do shows. But let me assure you if I did not
do the shows I would not do the site. This is our total living and
daily work. We do not take time off just to do what we want to do.
We work for our customers and hope that when you receive your
items that it was all you had hoped it would be.

Thank You to the ones who do realize that our work takes time and
all the time in every single day.

Come see us in the NEW Lock and Leave building off Arbor #3
We are Unit 9 and in the months to come will look just like a
wonderful Childrens boutique

Feb 1,2,3 2013 Canton Texas
First Monday

March 1,2,3 2013 Canton Texas
First Monday

March 29,30,31 2013
Canton Texas First Monday

May 3,4,5, 2013
Canton Texas First Monday

Please Email during those gone times.


FOR::::::Kitchens,washer sets,toy
may put a deposit down with balance due 30 days
from order date.Please email me and I will Invoice you

When we are away from our phone we do not ship.  I will email
you after we have returned.
Orders are not being built or painted during our time gone.

Phones are not answered while we are away.
The office is closed during our Market Days