All our products are hand made and creatively
designed by us. Nothing is in stock all are custom
orders one day at a time and one order at a time.
And in the order they are received. This could
mean you're 57 on the list. I do however try and do
like things together so that I can ship some things
out sooner. Like letters, knobs, etc. My husband
builds each and every piece and has for 28 years.
We have no little helpers for either of us.

Therefore. We do not refund money on any orders.
You may exchange something if it is damaged only.
And a picture is sent to me of the item before
retuning within 7 days. I ask that you send all colors
that you are trying to match if you have something
unusual. I will do the very best that I can to match
and have never had a complaint in all these years. I
cannot however guess what you are doing. I do
need photos of the room and some sort of bedding
to get the feel of the room.  I cannot match carpet
samples. They do not compute well at the paint
mixer computers. There are too many variations in
the yarn. I am going to do EXACTLY as you order.
Some pieces will vary in shape or design to better
them. So when you receive your order it is how you
requested it in colors. Custom items that are
requested for unusual things are non refundable or
returnable so please make sure that you have all
items that I need to create your piece.
                 Time Frame

When we say a specific time frame it is not always
set in stone. As we have said these are all custom
made and will be created just for you.

So please feel free to email us with any questions
you might have. Also, give us a bit of time to email
back in case we are out of town or gone for the
day. Sometimes I have an away message but I can
get to you within some time that day.