These are new for us and quite the hit.. These
toy chest bins do not have a lid and hold more
than our lidded toy chest because they do not
have the lid. Can be painted to go in your great
room, dens, kitchens anywhere toys make their
way in. I can do them for your Cabins, Lake
house's, playrooms, Daycares, Doctors
offices.. Sky's the limit. Painted to match your
decor. Also can be made any size. The price
will change according to shipping charges.
Open Top Toy Chest
Lided Version

Shipping 40.00 lided Toychest
Shipping 36.00 open Toychest
This button is for Owls
and Birds Mixed.
This button is for your
color choices and themes
These chest measure
32" x 16 x 18    
Toy Chest Toy Boxes
This is a white
background but
can be done in
Childs Name
Choice #