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New Small Sayings Below large
5" Tall 36" Long Can be done in reverse for your room
opposite your wall color $45.00 Includes shipping  Up to 6
weeks unless otherwise by email even if ordered at the shows.
Please read
If you desire a
different sayng
we do not show,
there will be a
$20.00 upcharge.
Different Fonts
other than what is
show will require
extra charge as
well. It also will
take up to 6
weeks for
anything different
than what is on
this site
Up to 6 weeks on
long signs in some
cases if we are
overwhelmed with
orders.  Please get
them in early to
allow her time to
ship out
All signs can be
reversed in their
backgrounds so that
if you have opposite
color walls that they
will show up on them.
Just email after you
order and we will
reverse or change to
your specifications.
receipt from Paypal. If we are out of town doing some
markets we will respond to the purchase just as soon as we
return. We DO NOT have an auto response system
acknowledging your order. Only through PAY PAL It could
be 14 days. We are gone the first week of each and every
month, as well as some weekends for other shows. See our
click here
Black Zebra
Pink Zebra
with sayings. May be done in colors of
your choice as well as a single saying
or Nickname for child. The average
size is 12-14" long and 5-6" Tall

$19.95 free shipping
Larger Sign 24"
Time frame to create  
small signs 2-3 weeks